Meet Member #7 of the Eiffel Team

3 min readAug 17, 2022

Smart Contract Developer

“to protect the privacy of our team, we will be using nicknames throughout interviews after the first article of this series. This is done precisely because some of our team members have other professional commitments and/or hold public office that preclude them from pursuing certain work or interest outside their capacities.”

Formation Fi’s AK came on board in March 2022 as our smart contract developer. He was deeply drawn to the project for a number of reasons but he was mainly attracted to working with us because of just how unique a project it is. As he explains:

A unique proposal

“I found that the project was very different to other DeFi projects. It was a new proposal. This concept doesn’t exist yet on the DeFi. The concept was an opportunity. Indeed, Formation Fi offers users a completely unique new way of investing in DeFi by allowing the user to choose his own risk. Moreover, I was interested to work with a team with such technical skills.”

AK reflects on this:

“It’s the future of cryptocurrency hedge funds. It uses different strategies: lending, exchanges, derivatives, yield farming, …”

Extensive time creating smart contracts

AK’s background began studying computer science before moving on to work in the world of DeFi projects. He has studied at the French University “of Dijon-Auxerre”. During his time working on DeFi projects he developed arbitrage bots. These are scripts which work to take advantage of discrepancies in pricing, allowing traders to make profits by exploiting gaps between prices, acquiring assets at one price and then selling them at another instantly. He also worked on a protocol for minting and exchanging synthetic assets, which are analogs to derivatives in traditional finance.

“This project was sufficiently eclectic and complex in terms of product and design of smart contract. Hence this enables me to adapt to any project and to face big challenges,” AK says.

AK’s work with Formation Fi reflects these sophisticated and complex technical skills that he has developed. In particular, his work focuses on creating smart contracts for the product Parity, as well as strengthening the security of both the smart contracts and platform.

“We have developed four different products: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Parity. Parity is the last product, it is the end product of the others. It allows users to pick and split their risk.”

Security is critical

AK also has worked heavily in creating the Safe House function that means that Formation Fi is such a secure platform. He explains how significant this is:

“The Safe House protects funds by tracking all the deposits and withdrawals made by the managers and imposing some conditions. So, it guards the security.”

User experience is also critical to AK’s work in developing smart contracts; it’s an important concern to ensure that Formation Fi offers its users the best experience possible.

“You can make two smart contracts that do the same tasks, but one will be better in terms of gas fees and flexibility”.

And AK is planning to stay with Formation Fi long into the future, as he believes that it is not only the project where he belongs but also the future of investment and DeFi world.

“I’m focusing on Formation. Time is short and there is still lots to do. After the Parity release, we will continue to work on more advanced concepts and strategies. It is the future.”

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