When it comes to advising world class financial enterprises, Jonathan Han checks all of the boxes. He’s educated, experienced, and accomplished. Jonathan majored in economics and studied chemical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. Following this, he worked at Bridgewater Associates, a premier asset management firm.

At Bridgewater Associates, Jonathan…

Your assets are now more secure than ever thanks to NSURE’s coverage

Formation Fi is excited to announce that it has officially partnered with NSURE, an open insurance platform, to provide insurance coverage for Formation Fi users.

Both teams will work together to construct customized coverage packages for Formation Fi users designed explicitly for market volatility risks. With NSURE, information is transparent…

Crash Protection For Crypto-DeFi Portfolios

Executive Summary

We propose a novel portfolio weighting technique that considers certain stylized facts about the financial markets. During market crashes, assets tend to have higher correlations. An additional observation is that volatilities tend to be higher during market crashes. We adjust the volatilities and the variances (including covariances) of…

September 26th, 2021 UPDATE


  1. ALPHA Code is complete and will be ready to audit on (SEPTEMBER 30st, 2021). The Official Release of ALPHA will be disclosed after the final audit report is completed.
  2. Stable-Coin Rebalancing Pool is finished. We have changed the approach to cross-chain transactions — we moved from…

Real World Meets Virtual for DeFi-related investments

Formation.fi, a DeFi protocol for smart yield farming introduces Polytrade as the newest ecosystem partner of our ecosystem. Together we will enable greater DeFi investment opportunities for our users and contribute towards “Shaping the Future of Trade Finance”.

Formation Fi & Polytrade Partnership Vision:

Speaking about the vision, Polytrade…


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