Meet Member #5 of the Eiffel Team

3 min readJul 26, 2022

Lead UI/UX Design and Creative Art

“to protect the privacy of our team, we will be using nicknames throughout interviews after the first article of this series. This is done precisely because some of our team members have other professional commitments and/or hold public office that preclude them from pursuing certain work or interest outside their capacities.”

Profile for A

“The crypto world was totally different and new for me and it looked very exciting,” recalls A, our graphic designer and creator, who joined us back in mid 2020.

Background in Fine Art and Design

A’s academic background is in fine arts and design. She studied at the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts (Master of Fine Arts) and the Maryland Institute College of Art, where her major was in Communication Design.

After graduating she worked across agencies and also with big international brands and corporations. These included Nike, Google and Canal+. She has also been nominated and listed for some very prestigious international awards including at Cannes Lions where she was shortlisted for a Cyber- Web Games prize; the Clios on the shortlist for Branded Content and Entertainment, and also for a Webby award in the Best Use of Animation and Motion Graphics category.

Crypto presented a new and challenging opportunity then, but one that A was more than happy to rise to. As she explains:

“I had to learn everything from the beginning, and that was kind of beautiful. I had to learn quickly, getting knowledge from many different sources to understand the process. How to earn. How to exchange. How to invest.”

A new, innovative perspective

But this fresh new perspective was actually hugely beneficial to A’s approach to creating the UX and UI and in creating something that was both attractive and user friendly. Designing a product from the perspective of a newcomer meant it was going to be highly effective and accessible. As A tells us:

“So here I was: the main user. And I knew that If understood how to use the product and designed something that was intuitive, then most people would understand that too.”

A is responsible for the brand, as well as UX/UI design for Formation Fi. She also coordinates animation processes and everything involving communication with our digital products.

She tells us about her design process:

“I love beautiful and useful products. I always put a lot of attention into these things. Every project is a new experience and opportunity to get knowledge about new things in the world. But the design process needs some time to deliver an unforgettable experience.”

The design process

So the process is a one that is always ongoing, that focuses on continually incorporating new knowledge and ideas. A says:

“The most important parts in the process of brand design are research, creating a target and cooperating with the team. Every team member is responsible for a different field and my role is to get to know how to incorporate all of this into the brand. I operate as the specialist who knows the product very well and knows how to present all the aspects of the visual identity together to the users, community and new investors. The visual identity of the brand includes things like the logo, typography, color palette, and more, from sketch right through to the final design.”

Outside of Formation Fi A is also a business partner and shelf holder of three diving centers based in Indonesia, the Philippines and Egypt. She also works as a diving guide at the centers. And this feeds into her wider inspiration for design and visuals:

“Diving is my passion. And being underwater gives me freedom in three dimensions. I take inspirations from nature and people who have the same passion, all around the world,” she remarks.

A therefore brings a huge range of creative influences to her work with us here and has much enthusiasm and many ideas for the future. As she concludes:

“When I hear about the idea of Formation.Fi and how people talk about it, I feel that I am so lucky to be involved in such a project. There is an opportunity to create something new and special.”

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