Meet Member #4 of the Eiffel Team

3 min readJul 20, 2022

Lead Software Engineering

“to protect the privacy of our team, we will be using nicknames throughout interviews after the first article of this series. This is done precisely because some of our team members have other professional commitments and/or hold public office that preclude them from pursuing certain work or interest outside their capacities.”

M.F. Profile

M.F. came on board with Formation Fi back in September 2021, as one of our Chief Product Architects and Senior Solidity Developer. He brought a wealth of experience to designing the products and leading the development of our smart contracts.

A background in computer science and mathematics

M.F.’s background is as an engineer in both computer science and mathematics. He has a master’s in operational research, a master in Probability and Statistics from the University of Paris 6 (Sorbonne university), an additional master’s in financial mathematics from the University of Paris and in also one in economics and insurance from the University Dauphine (University PSL). He also holds PhD in applied mathematics from ENS Paris Saclay (Paris-Saclay University), which is ranked first for mathematics in the world. His thesis consisted in the physical and mathematical modelling of very complex physical phenomena. M.F. also brings a business aspect to its significant academic background by studying an MBA in management and business administration also at the Sorbonne.

Transitioning to crypto

He explains how he transitioned into the crypto realm:

“I started to get interested in blockchain in 2015 by studying and understanding the fundamental concepts. I did some research on its consensus protocols based on game theory.”

In the years since he participated in various different projects as a smart contract developer and advisor. He worked across many decentralized exchanges and derivatives protocols on various blockchain, as well as within some NFT marketplaces.

His work in this area focused significantly on the technical aspects, preparing him well for the innovative work he is doing here at Formation Fi. As he says to us:

“For most of these projects, I did the technical specification and design of smart contracts and I managed the blockchain engineers.”

Prior to moving into the crypto industry, M.F. spent 5 years working in operations research, combinatorics and optimization across a range of different industries, including banks, industrial groups and universities. This involved optimization of production system, allocation of a computer’s processors and flight scheduling. M.F. also worked on scientific computing for modelling complex problems and accelerating their simulation across astrophysics and fluid mechanics. He has extensive experience working as a data scientist and machine learning researcher including at The French National Centre for Scientific Research CNRS. His last research project focused on Stochastic-Local Volatility models and their calibration, as well as the Martingale Optimal Transport for option pricing.

The huge potential of risk parity

M.F. is part of the team who are creating our risk parity product, which seeks to allocate capital based on a risk basis, and is revolutionising investing on a crypto level. As M.F. explains:

“At this first step, I am focusing on the smart contracts and the parity DApp. Later, I will work also as a quantitative researcher to improve parity and to participate in the design of the new products.”

M.F.’s work as a lead on the software means that he is very focused on the security and optimisation of the smart contracts, which will be thoroughly audited by two security companies.

He firmly believes that Formation Fi holds a real promise both for crypto and investment. The platform is changing the face of hedge funds, by being the first crypto hedge fund in the world and pushing the boundaries of investment. This means not simply benefits for our users but that the money they’re able to make can go into other projects and objectives, which will in turn continue to transform the crypto space.

As M.F. concludes:

“I invite the community to really believe in the project, because we are putting all our efforts to be the first crypto hedge fund in the world and our community will have many advantages with us.”

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