Formation Fi Announces its IDO on DAO Maker

3 min readMay 31, 2021

Formation Fi is pleased to announce that it will conduct an Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) on DAO Maker, following a successful presale round during which it raised $3.3 million. Thus, Formation Fi’s $FORM token, which fuels our DeF smart yield farming ecosystem, will be available for the public on DAO Maker’s funding platform.

$FORM acts as a utility and governance token on Formation Fi. Token holders will enjoy a triple benefit when using our yield farming protocol. Specifically, liquidity providers who lock their $FORM tokens will receive 50% of the fees collected by the protocol, which will be distributed as FORM tokens. Holders will also be part of the DAO community and use the right to vote on various aspects of the ecosystem and monetary policy. Last but not least, $FORM token holders will have exclusive access to secret liquidity pools accessible for members only. The first secret pool to launch will be Polygon X FORM — where users will enjoy double rewards in $MATIC and $FORM!

$FORM is powering the most innovative yield farming protocol — currently the only one that is built around the risk parity investment approach, which was introduced decades ago by hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio. Formation Fi is about transforming DeFi portfolio construction by introducing cross-chain, risk-adjusted portfolios of digital assets in the form of algorithmically rebasing indexes. Right now, the team is working on three indexes with specific risk adjustments represented by individual tokens: ALPHA, BETA, and GAMMA.

Why DAO Maker?

DAO Maker offers a secure fundraising platform that helps retail investors act like venture capitalists while helping blockchain startups jump-start their projects. The funding platform allows individual ventures to directly invest in equity and tokens of emerging blockchain projects like Formation Fi. Currently, the total market cap of companies that raised on DAO Maker is almost $7 billion. The decentralized venue is secure for both the startup and investors.

What’s Next?

Nothing happens until the official date of the IDO, which will be followed by $FORM listing on DEXes that we’re about to announce. We will release more detailed information on the IDO on DAO Maker, including the official date, so don’t hesitate to check our social media channels and official website!

Important Warning!!! Do NOT attempt to buy $FORM before an official announcement is made on our channels. Please beware that there are multiple token contracts imitating FORM. We will not be responsible for any losses.

About Formation Fi

Formation Fi is a DeFi project that aims to take yield farming to another level by integrating the risk parity strategy first implemented by billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio for stock markets. The yield farming protocol developed by Formation Fi distributes risk across multiple uncorrelated assets within the crypto space. The protocol is chain agnostic, community-oriented, and targets long-term success.

Formation Fi’s Risk Parity Protocol delivers three index coins that reflect three classes of cross-chain farming strategies. These are ALPHA, BETA, and GAMMA. Elsewhere, $FORM acts as a utility token.

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