Real World Meets Virtual for DeFi-related investments, a DeFi protocol for smart yield farming introduces Polytrade as the newest ecosystem partner of our ecosystem. Together we will enable greater DeFi investment opportunities for our users and contribute towards “Shaping the Future of Trade Finance”.

Formation Fi & Polytrade Partnership Vision:

Speaking about the vision, Polytrade CEO & Founder Mr. Piyush Gupta said, “We are super excited to have an advanced and innovative protocol like joining us on our journey to reshape the future. …

Every collaboration is a step toward a future with stable, sophisticated crypto investment strategies shaped by Formation Fi.

Formation Fi has made great strides this year. We’ve formed a series of partnerships to introduce our new developments to members of the DeFi and DAO communities. Here’s a recap of the partnerships that Formation Fi has developed with major stakeholders to showcase Formation Fi’s ultimate objective to develop smart yield farming for our maturing crypto ecosystem.

Secret dark pool developed with Polygon

We partnered with Polygon to build a cross-chain dual reward liquidity pool. This is an automated market maker running…

Liquidity Mining Event & Single-Sided $FORM Staking. Stake $FORM, Earn $FORM

Dear Formation Fi Community:

You guys asked for it. Part 2 is here. In addition to Introducing our own Cross-Chain Fee Balancing Stable Swap Pool. Formation Fi’s SOFT LAUNCH will also include our Liquidity Mining Event where our users will be able to Add Liquidity via FORM-USDT (farms) & FORM-BUSD (farms) & Single-Sided Staking $FORM. This has been a long time coming, and we are very excited to finally launch these for the community!

Tentative Schedule for SOFT LAUNCH:

  1. Single Sided Staking $FORM: August 30th, 2021 (18:00 UTC)
  2. Liquidity…

First Ever Dual-Vault Cross-Chain Stable Swap Pool : BUSD <> USDT

Dear Formation Fi Community:

Firstly, we want to thank you for holding up with us through the teeths of the bear market and are extremely grateful for the enormous community support from the very beginning. As promised, The Formation Fi Team ($FORM) is here to bring you DeFi Summer 2.0. Our team will not only meet the goals set for all of us but will continue to transcend the space as well.

Prior to serving you ALPHA V1, we wanted the community to experience a glimpse of our internal…

Dear community, as you know FORM stands by its users and it’s there for you. During the last few days we have discovered that there was some misinterpretation of the rules for Early adopters, which could be our fault as well.

As you know Early adopters was not even planned in our roadmap, we just felt we wanted to reward the massive support we are getting from you guys before we launch our anticipated V1 Alpha. …

Dear Formation Fi Community:

After a very engaging and successful first snapshot, we are super excited to announce that the second snapshot for the “Formation Fi: Early Adoption Program’’ is only days away. The Formation Fi team wants to remind everyone to not forget to get their $FORM tokens ready for PHASE 2 of this program.


  • First snapshot will take place on July 1st at 18:00 UTC — July 4th at 18:00 UTC. Hold enough FORM tokens to qualify for at least Silver Tier.


  • The second and final snapshot will take place July 31st at…

DeFi has had a good run during 2020 and in the first months of this year. Double or even triple digit returns were becoming the expected norm. Aside from a few notable hacks, rug pulls and protocol implosions, the system had largely worked well. Crypto investors were making more money than they ever thought achievable in the traditional investing world. All this, however, has happened in a bull market which suddenly turned around between the middle of April and May. In fact, the main driver of crypto prices, Bitcoin, which more or less had consistently gone up from March 2020…

In the frenzy of a manic bull market, chasing fast pumping coins and the newest memes may work in the short term but the inherent risks may materialize when a market correction suddenly takes over. A more dependable source of returns is also needed.

Formation Fi is engineering a safer longer-term strategy for investing in DeFi and Web3 that captures the fast returns but, more importantly, maintains steady growth and protects against loss. We are building a sophisticated suite of indexes that will offer a balanced, cross-chain, risk parity strategy: the Formation Fi Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Parity index classes…

Alpha: Climbing Mountains and Taking in The View

DeFi investors have had a wild ride over the last year, jumping on yield farming returns that would make traditional investment managers cry. Liquidity pools, vaults and staking have opened a world of opportunities, not to mention the 10x to 100x performing tokens themselves. But 2020 was only DeFi version 1. Like the first version of a smartphone, it has lots of flashy features that grab headlines, but serious users have noticed some problems that need to be fixed before it is ready for more mainstream adoption.

Formation Fi is leading the…

How to Participate

Here are the rules for your qualification for TIER status with multipliers + autostake & compound. Please note that the number of spots for each of the TIER is limited.

Early Adoption Program
Requirements : 2 Snapshots taken within the period of 30 days.

Phase 1:

  • First snapshot will take place on July 1st at 18:00 UTC July 4th at 18:00 UTC. Make sure to hold enough FORM tokens to qualify at least Silver Tier.
  • Once you connect within the App we will take a snapshot and you will be able to claim tier and qualification status. …


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