The Risk Parity Line: Moving from the Efficient Frontier to the Final Frontier of Investments

  • Each of our sub-funds (Alpha, Beta and Gamma) provides risk parity because the weight of each asset in the corresponding portfolio is set to be inversely proportional to the risk derived from investing in that asset. This can be equivalently stated as equal risk contributions from each asset towards the overall portfolio risk.
  • Investors can select their desired level of risk or return and allocate their wealth accordingly among our sub funds, which balance one another under different market conditions. This evolution of the risk parity principle, resulting in a mechanism that is geared to do well under all market cycles, brings more robust performance and can be termed as conceptual parity.
  • The inclusion of newer and more diversified assets into our portfolios, as the crypto landscape expands, can be viewed as a natural progression from the conventional efficient frontier to a progressive final frontier of investing, which will continue to transcend itself.
Figure A: Deposit Screen for Parity

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