Introducing Jonathan Han as Formation Fi Strategic Advisor

When it comes to advising world class financial enterprises, Jonathan Han checks all of the boxes. He’s educated, experienced, and accomplished. Jonathan majored in economics and studied chemical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. Following this, he worked at Bridgewater Associates, a premier asset management firm.

At Bridgewater Associates, Jonathan was a research associate with the firm’s client service team. In this capacity, he developed and evolved cutting-edge portfolio construction theories. These theories were then applied to diverse economic environments to achieve targeted risk/return outcomes that maximized client satisfaction.

Aided by this experience in traditional finance, Jonathan began bringing his unique expertise to the cryptocurrency industry. He became a key member of Digital Currency Group when this venture was in an early stage of development. DCG considers bitcoin and blockchain technology to be drivers of global economic and social change. The firm specializes in deploying resources to further expand the ecosystem developing around these technologies. Secondary market investment strategies were a particular focus of Jonathan’s at DCG.

Currently, as a partner at Republic Crypto, Jonathan advises crypto ventures. His focus is accelerating the development and adoption of blockchain projects. Republic curates private investments in crypto and other areas of high growth potential.

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