Formation Fi’s Landmark Partnerships Shape DeFi Summer 2.0

Every collaboration is a step toward a future with stable, sophisticated crypto investment strategies shaped by Formation Fi.

Formation Fi has made great strides this year. We’ve formed a series of partnerships to introduce our new developments to members of the DeFi and DAO communities. Here’s a recap of the partnerships that Formation Fi has developed with major stakeholders to showcase Formation Fi’s ultimate objective to develop smart yield farming for our maturing crypto ecosystem.

Secret dark pool developed with Polygon

We partnered with Polygon to build a cross-chain dual reward liquidity pool. This is an automated market maker running on Polygon’s scaling solution. The core idea is to give investors of all stripes, from retail investors like you to hedge funds that are getting into DeFi, a new way to put assets to work and generate greater yields. Deposit MATIC into our pool and gain both FORM and MATIC tokens in return. The process gives investors exposure to MATIC while mitigating the risk of impermanent loss.

This development aligns with our broader goal to alleviate the concerns of many yield farmers. We’re all about lowering transaction costs — whether for fund management or gas fees — at all junctures.

Shattered SHO record on DAO Maker

This is one that we’re really proud of, and the achievement is as much yours as it is ours. In June, when we made our FORM token available to the DAO community, we logged 6,020 strong holder offering (SHO) registrations — 200x oversubscribed, $45 million committed — and broke the record for SHO events on DAO Marker’s DAO PAD. For Formation Fi, this was an important endorsement from the DeFi ecosystem.

We believe in transparency, community governance, and progressive decentralization. This milestone demonstrates the DAO community’s belief in the future of Formation Fi and the value we will bring to the broader ecosystem.

Partnered with Injective Protocol to create multi-chain, risk-optimized, yield farming derivatives

That might sound like a mouthful, but the concept is simple: the integration gave users access to a greater range of DeFi yield opportunities while adjusting risk concerns. The move was a breakthrough for us — we were able to demonstrate the significance of bringing hedge fund risk parity strategies to the masses, introducing tools that were once exclusively used by wealth managers to handle the assets of ultra-high net worth clients.

We see this as an important transitional step for the DeFi community, where sophisticated investment becomes the norm and replaces wild speculation.

Tapped Syrup Pool to farm on PancakeSwap

In short, users could stake CAKE tokens to earn FORM between June 22 and August 21. We encouraged members of our community to step through the simple process of making cross-chain deposits by bridging FORM, an ERC20 token, to Binance Smart Chain. In return, CAKE holders got to add a little sweetness to their portfolios. Formation Fi is chain-agnostic, and we want to be sure that anyone anywhere can invest optimally across any or all blockchains — whatever your strategy may be.

Formation Fi’s Outlook

Our goal is to constantly innovate within the DeFi space to give our community the means to shake off inadequate, labor-intensive yield farming strategies. We’re replacing those schemes with efficient ways to generate gains from your holdings. With our risk-adjusted indexes — ALPHA, BETA, and GAMMA — crypto bulls who are in it for the long haul will have the means to maintain intelligent, safe exposure to benefit from yield across multiple chains, and build wealth based on the laws of compound interest.

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