Formation Fi: Transparency Report


  1. ALPHA Code is complete and will be ready to audit on (SEPTEMBER 30st, 2021). The Official Release of ALPHA will be disclosed after the final audit report is completed.
  2. Stable-Coin Rebalancing Pool is finished. We have changed the approach to cross-chain transactions — we moved from event listening to status polling + added extra layer of confirmation process. Testing will start (Week of October 3rd, 2021)
  3. Single Sided Staking is fully functioning (with no issues). Current Staking APR is 70%.
  4. V2 Farming is fully functioning (with no issues). Current Farming APR is 130%
  5. All LP tokens Locked in V1 FARM have been refunded to the user.
    Note: There may be a few individuals who still needs to be resolved.
  6. Presale Investor’s Cliff opened on (September 24th).
  7. Introducing Velocity of Volatility and Variance (VVV):
    Crash Protection For Crypto-Defi Portfolios. (Article will be released this week)

Any Questions, Please feel free to contact us!




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