How to Participate!

To participate, you have to stake your form at Darkpool X Synesis One whitelist staking :

We will whitelist in the next 24 hours until 12 PM CEST February 1, 2022. Here is the detail:

(a) Total allocation is 50,000 USDT at $0.045 per SNS.

(b) If it’s oversubscribed, finalists will be chosen based on how much $FORM they stake.

On February 1, 2022, we will announce final whitelisted wallets. Qualified users must send their funds in USDT or USDC (ERC-20) first to a designated wallet provided by Formation and final wallet address for receiving funds from the finalists will be announced. Please stay tuned.

Once the corresponding fund is received, each finalist will be asked for a Solana wallet (e.g. Phantom) to receive allocated SNS tokens at $0.045 per SNS. Please refrain from using exchange accounts.

Note: For those specific users, we will transfer KanonNFT to winners at the end of February.


We will airdrop SNS tokens directly into the specified Solana wallet of each finalist accordingly to the following schedule:

(1) First 25% Installment: February 1, 2022

(2) Second 25% Installment: 30 Days after.

(3) Third 25% Installment: 60 Days after.

(4) Fourth 25% Installment: 90 Days after. “

Formation Fi







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