Formation Fi Announces SOFT LAUNCH (Part 2)!!!

Liquidity Mining Event & Single-Sided $FORM Staking. Stake $FORM, Earn $FORM

Dear Formation Fi Community:

You guys asked for it. Part 2 is here. In addition to Introducing our own Cross-Chain Fee Balancing Stable Swap Pool. Formation Fi’s SOFT LAUNCH will also include our Liquidity Mining Event where our users will be able to Add Liquidity via FORM-USDT (farms) & FORM-BUSD (farms) & Single-Sided Staking $FORM. This has been a long time coming, and we are very excited to finally launch these for the community!

Tentative Schedule for SOFT LAUNCH:

  1. Single Sided Staking $FORM: August 30th, 2021 (18:00 UTC)
  2. Liquidity Mining Event & Cross Chain Stable Coin Pool: TBA (To be Announced!)

Formation Fi Liquidity Mining Event (FARMS)


Users who provide liquidity in both $FORM and USDT or $FORM- BUSD, will earn specific LP tokens respectively to their assets deposited. With the LP tokens, Users can ADD Liquidity to the FARMS and earn rewards. As the liquidity in the FARMS increases, the total Rewards/day will also dynamically increase. The Liquidity Trench system is used to encourage the communities to achieve TVL milestones and build a long term holders ecosystem. Work together and Earn!

A New System of Emission (Liquidity Trench)

Early Liquidity Providers should be rewarded.

Currently, the old model only rewards quick and fast individuals who enter the pools very early. These users will earn 1000% APY for only a couple minutes and quickly within 1–2 hours the APY will stabilize at its “true value” (for example: 120% APY). Here at Formation Fi, We always try to innovate and advance the space. The Liquidity Trench model will allow for continuous advancement and encourage a collaborative community effort where all users in the pool will reap the benefits together.

Example: (All numbers used is for example purposely only)

1. Pool Opens at 70% APY

2. 100 Users Deposits collectively 1M Liquidity to pool (Earning 70% APY, Trench 1)

3. 1 More Users Deposit $10,000 to pool and The Pool reaches Trench 2

4. All Users from Trench 1 APY will increase (70% to 90%) + bonus for being in Trench 1 (For example: 4%)

5. The 1 New User is in Trench 2 (Earning 90% APY).

6. Process continues for each Trench

7. Both parties are incentives, early Trench 1 Users and new users entering the pools.

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