DeFi Security: Turning the weakest link into the strongest attraction

  • The Eiffel Release adds a protective shield against internal theft and external intrusion. It’s a proprietary innovation, entirely custom built to safeguard our workflow, and we call this, The Safe House.
  • The Safe House is the combination of a novel software engineering architecture and automated/manual processes, specific to handling fund movements, with certain multi-signatory approvals required for changing key governance policies.
  • This approach will limit any potential one-time loss to a negligible amount and keep a detailed history of all the transactions linked to specific internal staff responsible for fund movements and trade execution. All personnel in the process will be fully KYC’ed.

Necessity is the mother of all creation / invention / innovation, but the often forgotten father is frustration.

Over the next seven weeks we will present seven articles, as part of our Eiffel release plan, describing the main components we are building to reach our goal of bringing Risk Parity to the decentralized finance world. We start now with the first article of this series, which will focus on what we consider to be the foremost priority for us and also for other organizations with similar endeavors, to provide an overview of our strengthened security blueprint.

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